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Testing for elevated levels of Hidden Mold, Chemicals, Air Quality & EMF Exposure.

“Because most builders don’t understand environmental problems and most environmental inspectors don’t understand building problems, having someone who understands both is essential.”
John Crewdson, CPI

The EPA states,

‘Americans, on average spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, where the concentrations of some pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations.’

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Different environmental toxins can cause the same symptoms. If your doctor is recommending a Mold, Chemical, or EMF evaluation because of symptoms like sleep disturbances, headaches, depression, tiredness & fatigue, trouble concentrating, memory loss, brain fog, moodiness, chest tightness, muscle aches & cramping, skin rash, asthma, dizziness, cardiovascular issues, coughing & wheezing, increased heart rate, weakness, vision issues, infections, etc, their recommendation is always the best place to start. Our in-depth approach can help you find the source, and figure out how to make your home a healthy home. Afterall, your home should support your health.

What You Can Expect From a Hidden Mold Investigation

Many clients have been referred to us by a doctor or other health care professional and many have already had a mold inspector do testing, but are still suffering with a mold issue. Your doctor can do the best job possible helping you to heal from a mold illness, but if the mold is still there you’re probably not going to get better.

We begin with a 20 to 30 minute phone consultation to identify your specific needs and to make sure I can provide you with the service you need. There is no charge for this initial consultation. 

On your inspection day, first we’ll walk through your home so you can let me know about the individual areas you’re concerned about. Next, we’ll use sampling equipment to test for unusual levels of mold in the air, as well as additional contaminants that have the potential to cause similar health complaints. 

The next step is the in-depth part of the investigation. This includes a thorough visual investigation on the inside and outside of your home. I’ll need to check every area I can, from the attic to the basement or crawlspace, and from the roof to the grading around your home. I’ll be on the lookout for places where mold has the potential to hide by scanning walls and ceilings with an infrared camera, using moisture meters to confirm wet spots, and specialized air quality meters to identify conditions that can cause mold to grow.

While I’m crawling into all the places I can, I’ll also be testing for both visible and hidden mold. To do this I’ll be collecting specific air samples from inside of walls where water issues are common, as well as taking tape-lifts and swabs samples to send to the lab for analysis. The lab will inspect each sample under a microscope and may also culture, or grow, living and dormant mold spores and bacteria to see what you’re being exposed to.

Depending on the samples collected, the lab will send out the results within 2 to 10 days from the time they receive them via FedEx delivery. From this point I spend a few hours in the office putting together your report with detailed interpretations that are specific to your investigation. Your report will include photographs, recommendations, and a protocol for a qualified mold remediator to follow. 

Although the laboratory provides a generalized interpretation of the findings, I’ve yet to have a client who understands the laboratory’s interpretation. You’ll also need the additional detail to know what’s important and what’s not. Your inspection is not considered complete until we also spend up to an hour going through your report.

Some of the places Mold likes to hide:

  • Under sink cabinets
  • Under cabinet doors, above the kick plate
  • Inside walls with plumbing pipes
  • Under the refrigerator
  • Under the dishwasher
  • In corners of humid or stuffed closets
  • Furnace / HVAC fan compartment
  • HVAC condensation coil & drain line
  • Inside HVAC room supply vents
  • Inside whole house humidifiers
  • Inside dehumidifiers
  • On mattresses & upholstered furniture
  • Under carpeting, especially from pet accidents
  • Crawl space & Basement floor joists & insulation
  • Under windows with past leaks
  • Under basement stairs
  • Attic framing & insulation
  • Inside of exterior walls with moisture problems

What You Can Expect From a Chemical Investigation

We begin with a 20 to 30 minute phone consultation to identify your specific needs and to make sure I can provide you with the service you need. There is no charge for this initial consultation. 

Chemical and Indoor Air Quality Investigations can vary depending on your needs and may or may not include taking samples that are sent to the lab for analysis. Both sampling and visual / instrument investigations serve different purposes, with sampling generally done through collecting air, dust, or soil. If you or your doctor feel that you’re being subjected to a specific chemical exposure, sampling is probably necessary. On the other hand, I may also be able to identify a number of toxins, and ways to reduce them, with a thorough visual and professional instrument investigation of your home. 

Your investigation will always include a thorough inspection of your home from the attic, to the basement or crawl space, and from the roof to the grounds around your home. Air currents carry contaminants to and from sources and locations that are often not expected, and that are sometimes difficult to spot. Because of the wide-spread manufacturer practice of Greenwashing, the visual investigation often turns up a few unexpected surprises for our clients.

Testing can be done for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from sources such as common household products and building materials, and for semivolatile organic compounds (SVOCs) found in persistent pesticides and flame retardants found in items such as furniture, bedding, electronics, and spray foam insulation. SVOCs can persist for long periods of time, even after the primary source has been removed. Due to differences in regulations between the US and Europe, the chemical body burden for North Americans can be as much as 10 to 100 times higher than for Europeans.

General air quality instrument readings taken during your investigation include common indoor contaminants such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, combustible gasses, and fine & ultra fine particulates. Ultra fine particulates are a concern because they can be inhaled deep into our lungs and find their way directly into your bloodstream.  Types of contaminants include particulates such as fiberglass, silica, ash and soot, organic and inorganic fibers, dust mite and insect waste or parts, etc. 

One common source of contaminants that are often brought in from an outside source are maid services. Did you know the cleaning crew’s leaky vacuum cleaner may be depositing mold spores, pet allergens, chemical residue, and other pollutants from the homes of other customers who may or may not keep their houses as clean as you? Make sure your maid service uses your vacuum and that you own one that does more than redistribute the ultrafine particulates while only filtering out the big stuff. Even high end vacuums have been found to leak.

Lab testing is available for these services:

  • Mold spores, mold DNA to identify specific species of mold when needed
  • Mold in dust, furniture, mattresses, air, on surfaces
  • Microbial VOCs (chemicals emitted by active molds)
  • Sewer Gas
  • Dust mite, mouse, canine, cockroach and feline allergen
  • Bacteria Identification (air or surface)
  • Pesticides, Heavy Metals
  • Volatile organics such as formaldehyde, benzene, chlorine, ozone, naphthalene, toluene and many more
  • Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call. Not all services are listed here and we might offer what you need as an additional service.

What You Can Expect From an EMF Investigation

We begin with a 20 to 30 minute phone consultation to identify your specific needs and to make sure I can provide you with the service you need. There is no charge for this initial consultation. 

The cells and nerves inside our bodies use both chemical and electrical transmissions to communicate with one another and our bodies conduct electricity in much the same way that computer circuit boards do. The difference is our bodies are infinitely more intricate and are capable of self-healing if cells are damaged due to electrical interference.

Electrical interference in our modern world has been increasing for decades and has gone up exponentially because of cell phones and public wifi, not to mention 5G. This can be a big problem for electrical equipment that’s even a little bit sensitive. Because this equipment doesn’t have the ability to self-heal or adjust the way our bodies do, it has to be shielded. For example, sensitive communication equipment, including your cell phone, is always shielded so it can work properly. How about your body’s internal communication system?

Because of the increased load from electropollution / electrosmog on our bodies, more and more people are becoming electrically sensitive and are suffering from health issues. Chemically and mold sensitive individuals are finding they’re also impacted by EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields). Many more people are being affected but don’t realize the issue is electrically caused, that is until they spend some time in a low EMF environment, something that’s becoming increasingly hard to do.

We use specialized equipment to test for various forms of EMFs in your home. We also provide help and guidance for reducing your exposure and allowing your body the time it needs to heal from electrical stress, and biological and chemical stress. When avoiding EMFs, the most important room in your home is your bedroom, where your body should be able to rest and repair from every biological stressor.

The Electrical Fields we check for include:

  • Radio frequencies (RF) from cell towers, high output wifi routers, and signal boosters
  • RF from household equipment and appliances, some that are turned off or disabled, but are still broadcasting
  • Electrical interference (Dirty Electricity) entering your home and that’s generated by household appliances, controls, solar power. etc.
  • Elevated magnetic fields from nearby power lines, electrical wiring errors, and some appliances
  • Electrical current on the main water line coming into your home, as well as traveling on metal piping
  • Electrical current traveling on cable wiring as it connects to your home
  • Electrical fields radiating from wiring in the walls, even when nothing is turned on
  • Electrical voltage on your body while in bed and places where you regularly spend time
  • We also include recommendations and provide help to lower your EMF exposure

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Every home is unique and every case requires specialized attention. Creating an environment where you can heal from the toxins and stressors of the day is the most important thing you can do for not only your health, but also for the health of the ones you love.

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John is honest, knowledgeable and thorough. He knows exactly what to look for and will give you honest advice on next steps to take and options you have. I would highly recommend Artisan…
K Sherman
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John did a phenomenal job for me. He was very thorough on the inspection and professional in explaining the findings and their severity. His inspection report was great… Highly recommend!
J Poe
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Working with John was an absolute pleasure. I was a little nervous about the inspection and John was very thorough in his inspection and went over it with me in a way that was easy to understand. Very professional and always made sure to communicate what was going on. 5 stars does not do him justice.
M Williams
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Thorough inspection, clear and professional report, great human being.

I didn’t plan on being present for the whole inspection, but John is such a nice person and is so good at explaining what he is looking for and describing problems he has seen that I ended up staying. I learned lots… Highly recommend.
S Takushi
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Meet Your Inspector

John Crewdson is an Indoor Environmental Professional performing Chemical, Biological and Electrical Assessments in the Metro Atlanta area. With over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial construction and inspection, he knows where problems hide and a thing or two about fixing them.

“For the past 50 years, information from university research and organizations like the CDC say that modern homes are making people sick. I help locate these issues and believe that above all else your home should be the one place that supports your health.”

John Crewdson, IEP, Nachi# 17092306

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